Best Supermarket, Grocery & Garments Racks Manufacturers in Delhi, NCR

Best Supermarket, Grocery & Garments Racks Manufacturers in Delhi

We are India’s top producer and exporter of industrial solutions, retail fixtures, and display racks. With the greatest wall and floor space efficiency designs, verified durability, aggressive pricing, and contemporary aesthetics, Murphy provides the most comprehensive selection of standard and customization items. We assist retail brands in providing the finest customer experience at every touchpoint, increasing profit per square foot, and assisting industrial segment businesses in enhancing effectiveness.

Storage Racks

Storage racks are indispensable storage solutions that
optimize space, enhance accessibility
and promote organization

Display Racks

Display racks can be made from a wide range of materials, including metal, wood, or plastic, depending on the desired durability and style


Movement racks provide an efficient and flexible storage solution that maximizes space utilization and improves accessibility.

Our Clients

Sq. Ft. Space covered with our modern fixtures

About us

Since 1976 MURPHY has been pioneering new ideas for efficient storage and materials handling, and has maintained its position as the leader through innovation, quality, honesty and after sales service. MURPHY name has become famous for their quality product and customers’ satisfaction. MURPHY shelving products are designed and manufactured to international quality standards. MURPHY will give you a storage system that maximizes your space utilization, eliminates misplaced inventory and stockouts and is capable of meeting your needs today and tomorrow.

Popular Product

Wall side racks
Wall mounted racks
Double face/ gandola rack
Heavy duty racks
Library racks
Garments racks
Shoes display racks
Pharmacy racks
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